ADM was founded in 2010 by co-founders Luigi Grimaldi and Antonio Di Maio after 10 years of experience gained in the Design and Construction of Molds mainly for the Automotive sector.

The company, in addition to using the most powerful software both for multiphysics simulation and for the design of the mold and work cycles, from the outset, develops its own integrated and innovative systems and processes capable of managing the entire phase of the realization of the molds: Advanced Design and Manufacturing (ADM) is beyond our strong point, an "intelligent" system capable of managing, starting from the estimate, the entire phase of Design and Construction Mold through an illustrated "guide & check", more simply our know-how.

Over the years, with these systems, ADM has gained the trust of customers who entrust them with increasingly complex and important molds and molds for researching and developing new processes.

Furthermore, thanks to the analysis of the data collected, the ADM system tends to standardize all the processes, for this reason we successfully carry out the 0Drawing initiative which allows us to no longer have 2D drawings and programmers on the machine but to elaborate a production schedule in continuous cycle directly and exclusively only by the engineers of the technical office. This greatly facilitates the construction phase and this is why operators can devote greater attention to the control of each single piece on the basis of the test specifications including reports of the production cycles.

A further subsequent step will be 0 paper; the entire paper documentation will be completely replaced by tablets on each machine, this will facilitate even more the operators on board the machine who, as the engineers of the technical office already do, will also have an illustrated guide for each check to be carried out.

Another of the company's strengths and the average age of employees: 30 years, this translates into a strong team spirit, with enormous flexibility for problem solving and with everyone ready for industry 4.0.

Over the years, the company has gained the prestige of having large groups from the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and the garden furniture industry as customers.